South Park : The Fractured but Whole – Review


South Park : The Fractured but Whole is an instant classic!
Before I get into this, I am assuming that if you are reading this, you are in fact, a South Park fan and are prepared for the utmost racy humor that you can imagine. You will witness everything from priests pulling rosary beads out of their asses to cops throwing black people to a Cthulhu esq monster pit. There will be numerous jokes about child molestation and stabs at mentally challenged kids.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker are no strangers to controversy. They take their satirical implements to the extreme and are constantly pushing the limits by finding that line, crossing it, then making you realize, as a viewer that they are crossing these lines purely out of the ridiculousness of the every day happenings. From politics, religion and war to drug abuse, sexuality and relationships. South Park has touched upon almost everything.

No matter how crude they get or whether it be the big or the small things that they take stabs at, it is always genuine and funny.

So welcome to South Park: The Fractured but Whole! Like its predecessor, the fantastic 2014 title The Stick of Truth, this is one of the funniest games of all time!

You can really tell with these past two games that Matt Stone and Trey Parker are fans of the medium are have put fourth a great effort to collaborate with Ubisoft to make some games that do so much fan service and that are so well produced that it is quite apparent that they have been treating these projects seriously.

I think that they realize that they are at the point in the South Park lifespan where they probably don’t want to make another movie. I would put money on the fact that a high percentage of their fans probably play video games. It seems like a no brainer to put fourth an effort to cater to the platform.

Good thing they did because pay off is huge considering how long this game is. Even if you were to cut out anything repetitive that you do gameplay wise, there is still enough content in here as a regular season. Maybe even more.

The comedy is so high that its almost distracting. Especially during battles when you’re trying to focus on your strategy for the very surprisingly fun, paper Mario like battle system – its the same as the first game but with some “tweaks” (see what I did there?). One minute you are trying to plan out your strategy, the next minute you can’t stop laughing uncontrollably at the ample amount of pre-set comments that the enemies spit out at you regardless of who they are.

Aside from the encounters that you have running amok in town, all of the battles are unique, and relative to the story. I love this. You’re playing a south park season and the game is well aware of this. If you want to play this game for a challenge, you can ramp up the difficulty. But let’s face it, you are playing this game because you like to laugh at crude over the top humor. If you are looking for a deep battle system or a big map, then look away. There are a good amount of collectibles and side quests considering its size. But a deep RPG this is not.

There is a bare bone but entertaining skill tree and class system in the game. As you progress, you get to unlock multiple classes and actually swap each move out from each class to make a totally customized character. You can do this whenever you want outside of battle. The thing is, I guess to avoid people making a totally over-powered character, you are only allowed to use 3 moves and a ‘super’ at a time. Meaning, that you are most likely only going to use a handful of them throughout the course of this 20 hour adventure.

There are too many resources that you have to collect. All mostly found in mundane spots like cupboards and garbage cans. It feels like more of a chore than an accomplishment to craft anything. The names are funny but ultimately you get so much of it that you are literally going around opening a hundred drawers and punching garbage cans to get the 8th cocaine laced urine sample you need to craft a healing item. It becomes redundant and monotonous.

I didn’t want to describe any parts of the story in the game because everything has some sort of gag involved which is very funny to experience first hand and typically involve throwbacks. Every main battle starts off with something like, for example the DJ at the strip club stating that ‘the two assholes who farted in my drink are about to get fucked in the face by our very own lovely ladies!!’. Followed by Towlie (who is the tip system) telling you that you just have to get to the other end of the hallway ‘as fast as your little nuts can get you there’.

Aside from the uneventful crafting mechanic (but honestly, there aren’t too many games that do this right), I don’t really see anything wrong with this game. For a game that does so many things right and is constantly relentless and satisfying, I must score this game high. This one is definitely worth your money.

Who doesn’t like laughing constantly?



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